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Since the eyes constantly face exposure to the elements, it is crucial to seek professional care and treatment for them. With the risk of being hit by debris, chemicals, or anything in-between, we can help to provide treatment in the case of an eye emergency. Emergency eye care involves seeking medical treatment to treat injuries, illnesses, and conditions that can cause permanent damage to your eyesight.

If you or someone else is experiencing an eye emergency, give us a call. We can help you measure the extent of the injury or issue before recommending the best way to proceed. Emergency eye care is available at Carmi Eye Care in Carmi and the surrounding area. There is no reason to try to figure out the extent of your eye emergency on your own.

Call Carmi Eye Care at 618-374-0513 if you want more information about emergency eye care and receive the treatment you need.

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Signs of an Eye Emergency

Many people wonder if they really need emergency eye care, or if it is alright to wait for their symptoms to improve without treatment. People who experience various health issues such as eye trauma, exposure to chemicals, eye pain, discharge, or vision loss, then give us a call right away.

Eye trauma includes cuts or scrapes on the surface and outside layers of the eye, puncture wounds, and foreign objects that end up embedded in the eye. Symptoms may include eye pain, redness, swelling, and vision loss. Exposure to chemicals from liquids, fumes, or aerosols can also cause these symptoms.

Here are a few common signs that warrant a call or visit to our team:

  • Vision loss
  • Differently sized pupils
  • Double vision
  • Discharge from the eye
  • Swelling
  • Eye pain that does not go away
  • Eye pain accompanied by a headache

Seek Immediate Emergency Eye Care

With certain eye injuries, it does not matter what the symptoms are — emergency eye care is necessary. For example, if any hard object gets stuck in the eye, head straight to our office. Any time the eye or the skin surrounding the eye receives a blow or gets cut, seek emergency eye care.

The patient needs to cover the eyes with a clean cloth until they can see our optometrist. It is crucial to avoid trying to treat an eye emergency on one's own or apply any medication or drops to the affected eye without professional guidance. Do not press on the injured eye or rub it. If a foreign object has penetrated the eye, do not attempt to remove it.

Treatment should be administered by our optometrist to ensure the safety and the health of the eye. If the patient wears contact lenses, they must not take them out. Doing so can make the injury worse.

Do Not Wait for Emergency Eye Care

By calling us, we can help determine the most effective way to proceed. While some patients may drive to the ER, it can help to call for guidance. If the emergency is affecting other areas of the body, such as injuries from a car accident, then go to the ER right away. If exposed to chemicals, flush the eye with water for at least 15 minutes and then call our team. Gently apply a cold compress to cuts or scratches to the eye before coming in.

For a foreign body in the eye, such as dirt, the doctor may put in anesthetic eye drops to prevent pain and then try to remove it. If the foreign body is easily reached, the doctor may be able to rinse the eye with water to remove it or wipe it away with a cotton ball. However, if this is unsuccessful, our team may try and remove it with the tip of a small metal instrument.

An emergency visit will focus on solving the immediate threat to the eye and the relief of any pain. Afterward, our optometrist will schedule a follow-up appointment to evaluate the condition of the eye and perform any necessary procedures.

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Eye emergencies can happen in an instant or develop gradually over time. Either way, don’t ignore the signs. Many eye emergencies can be treated successfully, but you must seek medical attention. When left untreated, some eye injuries can lead to permanent damage, including significant vision loss.

Call Carmi Eye Care in Carmi at 618-374-0513 if you or someone you know requires emergency eye care.

Frequently Asked Questions

My eye is suddenly red and painful. Is this an eye emergency?

Whenever your eye begins to turn red and is painful after an accident, call us right away. While minor irritants in the air, dust, or other allergies can irritate the eyes, persistent symptoms should be a cause for concern. We can help to determine the source of the pain and recommend treatment.

What is considered an eye emergency?

An eye emergency occurs any time you have a foreign object or chemicals in your eye, or when an injury or burn affects your eye area. Symptoms include eye pain, redness, discharge, sudden loss of vision, and flashes and floaters. If you ever have unusual symptoms like these that persist or get worse, call our team.

Should I go to the ER for an eye emergency?

You can call us to determine if the injury is an eye emergency or not. If the injury or injuries affect more than the eyes, then visit an ER right away. If the person is impaled in the eye, has head trauma, or is bleeding from the eyes, a trip to the ER is a good idea.

What can I do to avoid an eye emergency?

Practice good eye health and safety measures. This includes wearing protective eyewear when around hazardous materials or working with potentially unsafe equipment, having routine eye exams, protecting your eyes from the sun, limiting your exposure to computers or handheld electronics, and practicing good contact lens hygiene.

If I am having trouble seeing clearly, should I still try to drive myself to an appointment?

No, instead, have a family member, friend, or ride service drive you to the appointment. While it is crucial to seek emergency eye care, do not put yourself at risk if you cannot see clearly. If you are having difficulty seeing clearly for any reason, schedule an appointment with us right away.

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